Monday, September 19, 2011

No Limit - Janet Biggs Exhibit

Presented by Tampa Museum Of Art at Tampa Museum of Art

July 2-October 9, 2011

For more than a decade, New York-based video artist Janet Biggs has explored the tense relationships between athleticism and human ambition, individualism and community, and free will and control. Her work has focused on sports and natural environments and has ranged from the claustrophobic pool with synchronized swimmers to the vast expanse of the High Arctic. Biggs’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Oceania. This exhibition is organized by the Tampa Museum of Art and is the first full survey of the artist’s career.

Image: Janet Biggs, Fade to White (video still), 2010. Courtesy Conner Contemporary. Copyright Janet Biggs.

Life and Death by Duane Michals

Presented by Florida Museum of Photographic Arts at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

September 8-November 6, 2011

Michals (American, born 1932) has an established reputation. His photography is collected by major art museums in the United States and Europe. He has received honors from the French government, from British admirers and from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In spite of these honors and wide recognition, Michals remains a renegade voice. Turning away from conventional photographic etiquette, he has pioneered his own from of sequential photography in which a series a staged photos makes up a story board of sorts – as in “The Bogeyman,” a portion of which is seen on the opposite page. Also, he has defied convention with his handwritten commentary that often is an integral part of his final product.

Michals’ themes center on time and on life’s fleeting moments. Although he is a member of the gay community, he dwells on chance encounters that may alter an person’s life. He wonders about subjects like the small place we humans occupy in a vast universe. And he considers questions of mortality.

Because Michals is also an accomplished commercial and portrait photographer, the exhibition will include his photographic portraits of such celebrities as (possibly) Robert Duval, Tennessee Williams and Andy Warhol.

Women of Ybor - 125 Years of Influence Museum Exhibit

Presented by Ybor City Museum Society, Inc.

March 25, 2011-October 12, 2012

Opening on March 25 at the Ybor City Museum State Park.

Since its early days, women have participated in all aspects of Ybor City life, including the cigar industry, domestic activities, the medical profession, the business community, politics, labor issues, education, and the arts. Their thumbprints can be seen in the cultural and economic development of the district throughout its 125-year existence and as we move into the future.

A special exhibit, opening at the Ybor City Museum State Park on March 25, 2011, will inject the female voice into the historical narrative of Ybor City, which generally has been told from the perspective of male experiences. Whether you want to know more about Mercedes de las Revillas de Martinez-Ybor, wife of Ybor City's founder; Adela Gonzmart, the iconic matriarch of the Columbia Restaurant family; or the grandmothers, aunts, wives, sisters and contemporary women of Ybor, you will enjoy stories based on interesting themes and specific individuals whose influence has been and is still evident.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Local Artist Leaves Legacy

TAMPA — Carolyn Heller painted the world around the way she lived, boldly and with bright colors.

She painted stars and the moon, fish and flowers, ladybugs and martinis. She painted a chair for Ronda Storms and a pool table for another customer, complete with legs that looked like palm trees and a Key West theme on the sides. She painted purses and bar stools, aprons and ice buckets and watering cans, shoe bags and tote bags.

Most famously, Ms. Heller transformed art sales into multi-purpose entertainment in her South Tampa townhouse. Browsers at an annual happy hour art sale met a large woman with a big laugh and a Southern accent as distinct as sorghum, who used terms like "fabulous" or "kick a---" to describe the things she liked and who expressed disapproval with similar gusto.

Ms. Heller, one of Tampa's most recognizable artists, died Monday as the result of a blood clot. She was 74